Thursday, June 14, 2007

Notes to myself

When I first began trying to be myself, I at times felt trapped by my feelings. I through that I was stuck with feelings I had, that I couldn't change them, and shouldn't try to even if I could. I saw many negative feelings inside me that I didn't want, and yet I felt that I must express them if I were going to be myself.

Since then I have realized that my feelings do change and that I can have a hand in changing them. They change simply by my becoming aware of them. When I acknowledge my feelings they become more positive. And they change when I express them. For example, if I tell a man that I don’t like him, I usually like him better.

The second thing I have realized is that my not wanting to express a negative feelings is a feeling itself, a part of me, and if I want not to express the negative feeling more than I do, then I will be acting more like myself by not expressing it.

-- Hugh Prather.

(Hugh is very amazing writer.. his writings are not for just reading..
cant read him like you read novel.. if you get chance you must buy this book and read cover to cover.. it will just change you... Once i read " if reading don't disturb your soul inside don't read it...!!!" this will 100 % force you to think....)

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