Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gunvant shah..

'If a man is able to drive a vehicle comfortably while kissing the graceful lips, then he is being utterly unjust to the owner of those.'

Guess who is the great personality who has made this statement. Think however you may, chances are you shall be wrong. Such romantic statement is not of Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, or Mohammad. Gandhi or Vinoba too are not known for uttering this truth. Rabindranath, Bill Gates, or Bill Clinton too have not said this. This statement is of the great scientist, and a lover Albert Einstein. The romantic truth underlying this statement may be accepted by the new generation. But the parents of old generation will never be distressed if they understand its gist too.

You are lovable because you are beautiful, or you are beautiful because you are lovable? The lifetime is spent on divining an answer to this question. A human heart has its own reasons, which the brain would never understand. It is worth remembering that the old age does not hinder you from being able to love, but the love surely can hinder you from growing old. The mathematics of love is quite different from the mathematics of brain. In the mathematics of brain one plus one equals to two. Heart's is the different story. In the mathematics of heart one plus one equals to infinite. Those who are empty at heart but are the owners of fertile brain can succeed in business, not in love. Brain gets on well with Internet. Heart does well with Inner-net.

The power of gravity is not a requisite for falling in love. Love is the greatest power in the world. And this power is measured not in horsepowers, but heartpowers. It is said love is blind. Maybe this is the reason that the 'touch' owns the most important place in love. Natural kiss is a very holy accident in the realm of 'touch'. Unnatural kiss is unholy.

Jesus left a message to the world: If one slaps you on the one side of the face, offer the other side. I have a different message: If one kisses you on the one side of the face, offer the other side. In our society, owing to the mal-influence of films, such misconceptions prevail as kiss is unholy. Sensorship is attached with the kissing scenes. In fact, kiss is not limited to two lovers only. Kiss can be given to a mother, a father, and a friend too. Need has arisen to free the kiss from the confines of sex. In western countries kiss can take place in public. In our country it is considered immoral. But in our country it is not immoral to urinate on the roadside. The people who take kiss for immoral act, don't consider dowry as immoral. Don't consider exploitation of women as immoral. Don't consider forced marriages as immoral. A custom should start to call a wife of an emotion-less husband 'Akhand Durbhagyavati'(one who is destined an interminable misfortune). In our country everyday the marriages-without-love are taking place. Love without marriage is thousand times superior than the marriage without love. There is a great need to understand the meaning of a success of marriage. Success of marriage means, to fall in love with the same person again and again for life. If you see such wonderful couple, do bow at them, without their knowing it. You will not have to take this trouble again and again, as our dead society has more bad-couples than good ones! Some beautiful woman reaches late in office, because she is followed by her liked man who walks with slow pace behind her. All extramarital relations are not unholy, because all marital relations are not holy. Centuries have passed but the mankind has still not succeeded in accepting this truth.

Once a businessfulman met a true lover. Businessful man is he, who has his life entangled in the worldly things, who worries more about tomorrow than today. So far no businessful man has succeeded in loving. Love is compatible only with non-businessful heart. And not everyone is as lucky as to own such an absolute-mad heart. The businessful man asked the lover: 'Do not you have to worry about your financial matters?' The lover replied: 'I don't worry about tomorrow, because I am in love.'

Which is the saddest incident that may befall one's life? Not being able to win anyone's love; dying without being loved by anyone is the most regrettable thing in life. A husband can gift his wife with the only one biggest thing. Only if he has the power to make his wife look at himself all lovingly for eternity, by his actions, the marriage is blessed. How many husbands are there who have earned the true respect of their wives! Marriages are having an infamous characteristic of growing old.

Narada, in his sutra about love, has said: love is all time all-powerful. A thing that can withstand the power of an atom bomb, is the power of love. Osama bin Ladens are often produced out of the love-less thing. I am eager to see his mother.

(There was time when i was hughhh fan of gunvant shan and i used to read his books "dhai akhar prem ka" and "vicharo na vrindavan ma" again and again..
i have read his most of all books which are in articals.. was not able to follow up with his latest one.. today when i found this artical on one blog.. i was so happy to read it again... thx dude who ever posted it :) )


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